Enjoy typical Austrian cuisine delicacies such as Wiener schnitzel, Sacher Fiaker stew and more. Choose from our menu!
    • Starters

    • Gratinated goat cheese

      145 Kč

      Comes with a salad with honey-balsamic dressing

    • Beef jelly

      139 Kč

      Served with shallot and pumpkin oil.

    • Styria snails

      139 Kč

      Baked Styria snails in a herb butter served with roasted toast.

    • Tyrolean bacon

      145 Kč

      Slices of bacon served on a wooden board with butter, pickle and bread.

    • Fish

    • Grilled salmon steak

      350 Kč

      Comes with a lime sauce and rice.

    • Fried zander

      320 Kč

      Comes with Viennese potato salad.

    • Grilled zander

      320 Kč

      Comes with herbal butter and parsley potatoes.

    • Main courses

    • Duck breast on fresh herbs

      345 Kč

      Comes with with a Port wine sauce and roasted potatoes.

    • Chicken skewer

      290 Kč

      Comes with ratatouille vegetables and rice.

    • Chicken stick on honey

      260 Kč

      Comes with a potatoes.

    • "Carriage goulash"

      310 Kč

      Comes with an egg, sausage, pickle and Viennese bread dumpling.

    • Cooked beef top

      340 Kč

      Comes with a chive sauce, apple horseradish and potatoes.

    • Viennese onion entrecote

      340 Kč

      Comes with roasted potatoes and a pickle.

    • Viennese pork schnitzel

      320 Kč

      Comes with potato salad.

    • Viennese veal schnitzel

      355 Kč

      Comes with potato salad.

    • Soup

    • Cream garlic soup

      89 Kč
    • Viennesse pot

      89 Kč

      Beef bouilon with meat, noodles and vegetables.

    • Beef bouillon

      85 Kč

      with „Celestine“ noodles and liver dumpling

    • Beef bouillon

      78 Kč

      with liver dumpling

    • Beef bouillon

      70 Kč

      with „Celestine“ noodles

    • Salads

    • Grilled salmon steak on salad with balsamic vinegar

      305 Kč

      350 g

    • Mixed salad with pieces of veal cutlet and pumpkin seed oil

      285 Kč

      350 g

    • Mixed lettuce salad with dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar dressing

      170 Kč

      200 g

    • Vegeterian dishes

    • Vegetable skewer

      185 Kč

      Grilled vegetable (eggplant, courgette, pepper) impaled on a spike served with mashed potatoes.

    • Cheese „Spätzle“

      185 Kč

      Little gnocchi mixed with grated cheese. Comes with green salad.

    • Austrian „Emmenthaler“

      175 Kč

      A pure Austrian fried Emmenthaler. Comes with cranberries and parsley potatoes.

    • For children

    • 100g Chicken schnitzel

      165 Kč

      Comes with potatoes.

    • Side Dishes

    • Viennese potato salad

      55 Kč
    • Parsley potatoes

      55 Kč
    • Bread dumpling

      55 Kč
    • Pea rice

      40 Kč
    • Roasted potatoes

      55 Kč
    • Bread

      40 Kč
    • Mustard

      25 Kč
    • Cranberry sauce

      25 Kč
    • Mayonnaise

      25 Kč
    • Ketchup

      25 Kč

Degustation menu 510 Kč

Starter: Beef jelly with shallot and pumpkin oil
Soup: Cream garlic soup
Main course: Viennese veal schnitzel with potato salad
Desert: ”Imperial pancake” with plum compote

Starter: Gratinated goat cheese, salad with honey-balsamic dressing
Soup: Beef bouillon with liver dumpling
Main course: Cooked beef top with chive sauce, apple horseradish and potatoes

The weight of raw meet 200 gr.